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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Why should I buy a franchise instead of starting my own web-based business?

Because starting your own Internet business involves so much more than buying a domain name. The hours of work and serious investments that go into making a website successful are not to be underestimated. At the IREA-AII, our experts have designed the network to be efficient, user-friendly and above all, successful. Please read more about why to franchise an IREA-AII portal.

Why is the IREA-AII franchising?

We see this as a win-win situation: for the franchisee, this is a great opportunity to start a lucrative web-based business with proven returns; and for us this is a way to continue growing in collaboration with our franchisees. Please read more about why the IREA-AII is franchising.

What are the franchise fees and the royalty fees?

Franchises start from 10 000 Euros/USD/GBP (depending on the country of origin of the franchised portal), and there is a monthly website maintenance fee of 200 Euros/USD/GBP. Please see a complete list of IREA-AII franchising fees for more information.

What are the franchising terms and conditions?

The franchise term is for three years, during which time you will see your investment returned several times over. Monthly maintenance fees are payable for all portals as is a yearly marketing investment. For full terms and conditions, please contact the IREA-AII and we will send you an information pack.

What do I need to become an IREA-AII franchise holder?

To be capable of managing an IREA-AII franchise you must have a good credit rating, a positive business reputation, and to have all of your tax documentation in order. For us to be able to pay your commissions you need to be able to invoice us, and we need to be able to show where the money is going. For more information, please request our franchise terms and conditions by contacting the IREA-AII.

How long will it take before my portal is up and running?

Your website is live the moment you take over, so there is no downtime between investment and starting to see returns. All websites have been established in the market before being offered as franchise units, and properties from other portals in the network are already searchable from yours. Please read on for more IREA-AII franchise benefits.

What are my projected earnings?

The average IREA-AII franchise holder has not only broken even in their first year, but also made a tidy profit. Please see our projected IREA-AII franchisee earnings for more information.

What are the IREA-AII franchise models?

We have three kinds of franchises. Single Operator Franchises or Job Franchises are low investment franchises starting at 10 000 EUR, whose profits average at 60 000 EUR per annum. Management Franchises start from 30 000 EUR, with estimated annual profits at around 300 000 EUR. Lastly there are the Investment Franchises – minimum investment in this case is 100 000 EUR, with an estimated annual profit of 450 000 EUR. Please read more about IREA-AII Franchise models here.

What is my role as franchise holder?

This will depend on the type of franchise you purchase. As a single operator franchisee, your primary aim is to encourage individual vendors or agencies to advertise their properties for sale on your website. All secondary goals are related to this one – keeping your site up-to-date with interesting articles related to the property industry, and marketing your portal through different media will promote your website to more visitors. Full training is included in the franchising fees, and our team of experts is there to support you and assist you with marketing and technical support. For full franchise terms and conditions, please contact the IREA-AII for an information pack.

If you have further questions that are not answered here or on our websites, please contact us. We are happy to assist in any way we can.

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