UK Franchise: estate-agents-england.info

Franchise Holder: James Schofield

I come from a background in sales, and had been thinking for some time that I would like to go into business for myself. Having spent over a year evaluating franchises, what made the IREA-AII stand out from a list of attractive prospects was the low initial investment and virtual lack of start-up costs. The IREA-AII franchise model allowed me to step into a business, day one, without spending any money on product or brand development, inventory or training staff.

My initial investment pays for an portal that is already established in the market and ready to sell advertising to estate agents in England; and my monthly royalties pay for all the technical aspects of running a high profile website (including servers, site maintenance, tech support, software upgrades, programmers and designers), customer service and invoicing and much more. With the money I have saved on set-up and maintenance costs I have refurbished my home office, which adds value to my house and is exactly suited to my purposes.

My business is a single operator franchise, or job franchise, which means I work it myself – but with the systems established by the IREA-AII and the power of the network I have the confidence and support necessary to deliver a world-class service. I set myself weekly and monthly targets, I am not afraid to do a little overtime, and it is very rewarding to see the results of my hard work. Seeing the PageRank of my website increase, and appearing in the top 10 search results on Google (using the keywords ‘estate agents England’) is very positive, and so is the rate of return.

UK Franchise: knightsbridge-estate-agents.net

Franchise Holder: Rupert Grosvenor

As a professional investor, I own a medium-sized holding company with several commercial and residential rental properties, among other investments. I had planned to add another residential property to my portfolio, when I decided to look into what other secure options with similar levels of investment there are, which provide a higher rate of return.

A residential property lease can provide a return of 3-4% per annum, which even counting the value of the house itself is not a very significant return. I started looking into investment franchise options instead, and came across the International Real Estate Alliance. I spoke with their franchise consultant, who was able to demonstrate a return of 300% per annum. At first I was sceptical, but I have since run the figures myself and they tally. After my first franchise term, I will be able to buy three of the kind of properties I initially looked at.

The aforementioned website is one of 50 that constitute my IREA-AII investment franchise. Though it might seem that 50 websites would require a lot of management, the money I place in advertising and the marketing strategies employed by the IREA-AII ensure that the franchise essentially runs itself.

The IREA-AII business model provides several very positive elements to someone in my position. The opportunity to generate meaningful profits based entirely on the existing infrastructure guarantees an attractive recurring revenue stream. All website maintenance, customer service, technical support, online software upgrades, and Internet marketing is handled by the IREA-AII. The focus is on revenue and profit growth, and the past year has seen an excellent return on investment. I have no qualms in endorsing the IREA-AII franchise model as a sound business investment.

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